Nice Moves
Animation Community in Minneapolis

NICE MOVES A community of movers working together Visit Nice Moves Nice Moves is an industry group for animation, motion graphics, and visual effects artists to meet, learn and grow their industry together. the small but mighty team at nice moves work to organize events, workshops, mentorships and much much more for movers of all …

Motion Poems – Western Civilization

Film Synopsis watch film Behind The Scenes Full Credits WESTERN CIVILIZATION PRODUCED BY MOTIONPOEMS Western Civilization is… Produced By Todd Boss Egg Creative Jennifer David Directed by Alicia Allen + See Full Credits FULL Credits Based on the poem‘Western Civilization’ by Peter Jay Shippy Directed by Alicia (Reece) Allen Executive producers Todd Boss Egg Creative …

Google Doodle – Veterans Day 2018

GOOGLE DOODLE VETERANS DAY Go to team Slack GOOGLE… FULL Credits Produced By Foreign Fauna Motion504 Directed by Alicia Allen Character designer Nicholas Herlofsky Background Designer Grace Pederson TBD Character Modelers Pending… Alicia Allen 3D Rigger Allicia Allen Background Modeler TBD Title Design Scott Wenner